Spurred on by the many positive contributions in other outdoor blogs, I’ve already decided over a year ago, to buy a Caldera Cone Keg. Until now, the food in my outdoor kitchen was prepared only with gas stoves. But the low weight and the efficiency of the Caldera cooking system have moved me to try it with a spirit stove.

The efficiency of the cooking system is due to the “Cone”. This consists of thin aluminum and is specially adapted for the respective pot. Of course, this has the disadvantage that you can not easily use another pot. For me, however, this is perfectly sufficient, since I will use the Caldera Cone only on solo trips.

Since there is no suitable cone for my MSR Titan cup and I do not have a really light pot I have decided on the Caldera Keg variant in which a large beer can serves as a pot.

In my case it is a can from Fosters. But I was told that there is also a Heineken variant in circulation. The can is provided with at the upper end, by the way, with a silicone band so that you can not burn your fingers and a canned beer lid is also included ­čśë

What is included with the Caldera Keg?

Besides the already mentioned cone, which is basically nothing more than a specially cut thin aluminum sheet, and the beer can, the set includes even more.

  • Can stove with primer pan for easier lighting (16 g)
  • Spirit bottle
  • Measuring cup
  • Caldera Caddy – The whole set can be stored in this and it can also serve as a bowl or mug at the same time.

Information about the Caldera Cone in other outdoor blogs

Conclusion about the Caldera Cone

Of course you can’t use the stove to prepare 3 course meals but who wants to do that on the trail anyway? If you carry either store-bought or homemade trekking food that only needs to be infused with water, you get a very lightweight and reliable cooking system. However, those who travel with the system must exercise a little caution to enjoy it for a long time.


  • Very light cooking system.


  • Cone could be more stable
  • System limited to one pot

Where to buy the Caldera Cone in Germany

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