When Jetboil’s Personal Cooking System (PCS for short) came onto the market, it caused quite a stir. Such an all-in-one design was not common until then. With the current Jetboil Flash, the whole system has been revised once again and some interesting improvements have been introduced. We test how this affects the handling of the Jetboil Flash in practice.

Scope of delivery of the Jetboil Flash

  • Pot (volume 1 l)
  • Pot warmer
  • Lid
  • Gas stove
  • Mug
  • Stand for gas cartridge

The pot in the Jetboil Flash cooking system

The 1 l pot is quite narrow in shape and has a heat exchanger at the bottom. Above this heat exchanger is a plastic protection for the fins attached during transport. This can also be used as a measuring cup or to drink from.

From the outside, the pot is wrapped in neoprene. This has the advantage that the pot cools down more slowly and keeps the contents warm longer. Another advantage is that you can touch the stove without hesitation and not burn your fingers. There is also a handle and a “temperature indicator” on the neoprene sleeve. The temperature indicator starts to change color at 60 ° C and glows when the water boils in a bright yellow.

The gas stove in the Jetboil Flash cooking system

The gas stove comes with a built-in piezo ignition which starts the burner quickly and reliably. This has been revised compared to its predecessor. It is now located inside the burner and no longer on the edge, so that it can no longer be damaged as quickly as was the case with the old model.

Other accessories from Jetboil Flash

Practical is the included stand for gas cartridges. This makes the stove altogether safer on the ground.

Technical data

  • Weight: 455 g (weighed by us) 397 g (manufacturer’s specification without stand) – all data without fuel
  • Pack size: 10.4 x 18 cm

The Jetboil Flash outdoor cooking system in test

The small 100 g gas cartridges together with the burner and the stand find a convenient place inside the pot. Thus, everything necessary for short trips can be stowed compactly and space-saving. If it goes on a longer trekking tour with increased fuel requirements and you therefore want to carry a larger cartridge, you have to transport it separately. Due to the small diameter of the pot, the large cartridges can not be stowed in it .

Fuel consumption & cooking time

At the time of the test, the outside temperature was around 21.5 °C and the water temperature was 18 ° C, there was no wind, and we were at an altitude of 250 meters. The data measured here may vary depending on the outdoor temperature or altitude.

  • Cooking time: 2:30 min (500 ml)
    Manufacturer’s specification: 2:00 min
  • Gas consumption: 4 g

In terms of boiling time, the Jetboil Flash is a little slower than, for example, the Primus EtaExpress or the Optimus Weekend Starter Kit. Unfortunately, the measured values are not directly comparable, as they were not obtained under exactly the same conditions. In practice, however, these values tend to confirm each other.

The narrow shape of the pot is ideal for heating water, but it is hardly suitable for preparing elaborate menus. It is possible with the pot stabilizer to operate a larger pot (1.5L) as well as a pan with the Jetboil Flash. By the way, a coffee press is also available for coffee junkies. However, we have not tested the accessories.


There are certainly stoves that are lighter and / or faster than the Jetboil Flash, but despite this, the concept can convince. The handling of the system is simple and well thought out. I personally like the Jetboil Flash cooking system very well and feel the compromise between comfort and weight as good.


  • well thought out
  • easy to operate
  • low fuel consumption


  • Pot holds only small gas cartridges for transportation

Pictures of Jetboil Flash gas stove

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