We have already presented the EtaSolo from the house of Primus some time ago. Just a short time later, we received a very interesting comment from Jens, who had the stove in his hands early on. We have the gas stove from Primus now also a while in the test and have checked whether these experiences are confirmed with us.

Scope of delivery of the Primus EtaSolo

  • Pot incl. lid (volume 0.9 l)
  • Neoprene insulation
  • Stand for gas cartridges
  • Pot holder
  • Hanging device

Primus EtaSolo pot and lid

The pot offers a volume of 0.9 l and has an embossed mark every 100 ml. On the outside, the pot has a non-flammable neoprene insulation. The insulation protects against blisters on the fingers and is at the same time also provided with a “fabric handle”, with which you can hold the pot well without additional “pot tongs / handle” etc..

The pot can be closed with a rubber-like lid, which has a slot as a spout This opening qualifies the pot also as a cup and also facilitates, for example, the pouring of hot pasta water. At the bottom of the pot is a heat exchanger which also serves as a windbreak.

Primus EtaSolo – The gas stove

The stove has a retaining system that locks the pot to the burner rack. The pot only has to be inserted and pressed down a little and is then firmly connected to the burner. If you want to release the pot again, you have to press 2 parallel red buttons and the lock is released. Unfortunately, the pot then still clamps a little, so that the separation is somewhat stiff

The stove itself has, according to the manufacturer, 1500 W power and consumes 100 g of fuel in just under an hour. It can be ignited not only with a lighter but also via the built-in piezo ignition.

Other accessories in the Primus EtaSolo Cookset

Primus has not skimped on accessories: A stand ensures that the gas stove has a stable stand even on uneven terrain. A suspension device allows the stove hanging to operate, which will certainly one or the other climber to listen up.

Who is traveling with a larger group is certainly happy about the pot holder for other pots than the one included in the set. This “pot support” makes it possible in principle to use any other pot on the burner set without having to buy additional accessories.

Technical data of Primus EtaSolo

  • Pot : 0,9 L
  • Weight : 372 g (weighed by us) 365 g (manufacturer’s specification)
    All data without fuel. Our measurement includes burner, lid, pot & insulation.
    Additional weight: Stand (22 g) – Pot holder (35 g) – Hanger (24 g)
  • Packing size: 105 x 155 cm
  • Power: 1500 W

The EtaSolo from Primus in the test

The EtaSolo has to be compared to the Jetboil Flash we tested some time ago, as that stove certainly served as a template for the latest product from Primus. We have to give Primus credit for using the basic concept, but taking a different approach in some details. The burner on both stoves works similarly effectively. Both the cooking time and gas consumption are not noticeably different.

So the handling of the stoves, the weight and the included accessories must decide which is the “better stove”.

The point accessories goes, at least in terms of scope, clearly to Primus. As our reader Jens had already criticized in his comment, the stand unfortunately does not fit in the pot and a small plastic cover -as with the Flash- which can be attached to protect the heat exchanger, there is unfortunately not at all.

That a pot holder is included free of charge is a big plus – so what costs extra with Flash. Unfortunately, the assembly is a bit fiddly and it is probably only a matter of time when one of the 4 individual parts is lost. This should definitely be revised in a future version.

For climbers who want to use the stove on the rock face, the suspension device is certainly a great advantage! On hiking or trekking tours I have of it but no use – he will probably gather dust in the closet.

Fuel consumption & cooking time

At the time of the test, the outside temperature was around 20 °C and the water temperature was 18 ° C , it was almost windless and we were at an altitude of 250 m. The data measured here can of course vary significantly depending on the outside temperature or altitude. We made two runs. The consumption figures vary somewhat due to the relatively small amount (measurement tolerances)

  • Amount of water: 500ml
  • Cooking time: 2:20 min / 2:30 min
  • Gas consumption: 4/5 gr.


After the first reports about the Primus ETA Solo, we expected a stove that does everything we criticized the Jetboile Flash better (pot support, insulation removable, weight…). Unfortunately, however, the Eta Solo could not stand out from its role model the JetBoil Flash – there is from us a draw in the rating between the two stoves. Both have pretty much the same key technical data and don’t differ much in terms of gas stove effectiveness. The EtaSolo can score with climbers with the suspension device and generally with the slightly lower weight. Basically, you can say that the Primus ETA Solo is a good new stove for solo tours, which, however, still offers potential for improvement especially in handling.


  • Adapter for other pots included
  • Piezo ignition


  • Stand can not be packed in the pot

Sources of supply

More pictures of the Primus EtaSolo gas stove

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