Ein Loch im Xero Shoes Terraflex II
A hole in the Terraflex II

A few months ago, I published a test report on the Xero Shoes TerraFlex II and the Mesa Trail. While the Mesa Trail has unfortunately not covered many more kilometers since then, I have continued to wear the TerraFlex II diligently in everyday life and at work. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

The material here seems very robust, and only where the shoe buckles or I have kicked the heel down do holes appear on the sides of the shoe. However, the hole is only superficial and there is another layer of material underneath.


There is now also a hole in the material underneath. The sole is still in good condition. In terms of their overall visual condition, however, the shoes are now approaching the end of their life cycle after around 15 months.

Review of the Xero Shoes Mesa Trail on YouTube

I also came across the fact that JupiterHikes tested the Xero Shoes Mesa Trail in a video on YouTube. In principle, he also criticizes the shoes’ lack of cushioning on long hikes. However, he also criticizes the durability of the shoes. The soles in particular seem to wear out much more quickly and the insoles look just as ruined as those in my shoes. But take a look for yourself to see what he has to say about the shoes:

You can find my full review of the shoes here

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