When I was preparing for the Arizona Trail this year, I found that my now 12-year-old Hyperlight Mountain Gear Echo 1 Shelter had given up the ghost. When I was looking for alternatives, I stumbled across the Durston X-Mid 1 Solid of which one heard on the Internet at pretty much every corner. So I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Although a tarp would have been enough for the Arizona Trail, I like to have a complete tent just in case.

Technical details of the Durston X-Mid 1 Solid


  • Outer tent: : 170 x 254 cm
  • Area outer tent: : 4.3 square meters
  • Highest point outer tent: : 117 cm
  • Highest point inner tent: 109 cm
  • Floor width: 81 cm
  • Floor length: 230 cm
  • Floor area: 1.85 square meters
  • Awning space: 2 square meters (1 square meter x 2)
  • Packing size: 30 x 13 cm


  • Outer tent: 510 g
  • Inner tent: 315 g
  • Packing bag: 12 g
  • Peg bag: 4 g
  • 4 aluminum V-pegs (15 cm) @ 10 g
  • 4 aluminum V-pegs (18 cm) @ 12 g
  • Inner- Outer tent: 825 g
  • All together: 927 g (tent, pack bag, 8 pegs)

Under which conditions I tested the tent

Until Pine (~700 km) I used the tent every day. In wind and temperature swings. I honestly did not have much rain, only once light drizzle and a short shower in the Grand Canyon, however, I was not at the tent at the time, but at the Phantom Ranch. I can’t offer you any scientific tests or extreme weather situations. All I can say is that no moisture got into the tent from the outside. Moisture only formed inside due to the temperature differences. If you set up the tent sloppily, you might have a wet sleeping bag, because the inner tent can be pressed against the outer tent in some places. The tent has always done well in the wind

How to pitch the Durston X-Mid

There is not much to say about this, the setup of the X-Mid 1 is pretty simple and explained in the linked video. Only on uneven ground it can sometimes be a bit more awkward. It is also advisable to lay out the tent properly before setting up the poles / trekking poles.

What I liked about the Durston X-Mid 1 Solid

  • The doors from the outer tent are not knotted tightly when you want them to stay open. But with magnets fastened. This is quick and easy and is now copied by the competition. Completely rightly.
  • The two vents on the outer tent, the additional guy points everything seems super processed and inspires my confidence.
  • The price compared to other tents

What I did not like about the Durston X-Mid 1 Solid

  • The enclosed pegs are absolute crap. I had to replace them while still on tour because they were crooked and lopsided due to the hard ground. It is a mystery to me why they have chosen these. Weight isn’t everything, unfortunately, but that’s not a problem that can’t be solved quickly either.
  • The free space needed to set up the tent. Sure you can include a boulder in the awning sometimes. However it becomes straight with undergrowth around it sometimes difficult to find the place. I was used to other things from my last tent.

What I personally do not like are the 2 vestibules. I just do not need them when I’m alone on the road. Clearly this also results from the geometry, but it is already useless. I would rather have a little more space in the inner tent. It’s adequate for a 1-person tent, but you don’t really have room to put anything next to you. Only at the head and foot ends is enough space for everything you have with you.

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