After we have already tested various gas stoves in recent times, it’s time to introduce a stove from Esbit. We will first look at the small 585 ml cookset. Later we will introduce a larger model from Esbit. The small Esbit stove relies exclusively on Esbit for fuel, as was to be expected. The larger model can also be operated with methylated spirits.

Scope of delivery of the cook set from Esbit

  • Pot (volume 585 ml)
  • Lid
  • Fuel holder and pot stand
  • Mesh bag

The pot of the 585 ml cooking set from Esbit

The small pot has a volume of 585 ml and is made of hard anodized aluminum. A volume indicator with information in Oz. and liters is found on the outside of the pot just as a stainless steel folding handle. The enclosed lid has a small folding handle, but can not be used as a pan already because of the size.

Esbit as fuel

Esbit tablet fuel was invented in 1936. Like all camping stoves, Esbit-fueled stoves should not be used to cook indoors. In the case of Esbit, small amounts of hydrogen cyanide are released during combustion.

By the way, the name Esbit stands for“Erich Schumm’s fuel in tablet form

The stove

Due to the aggregate state of the fuel, the stove, if you want to call it that, has a very simple design. It is just a shelf on which you can place an Esbit tablet. The “stove” also serves as a stand for the pot.

Technical data of the Esbit 585 ml cooking set

  • Pot: hard anodized aluminum
  • Weight: 197 g (weighed by us) 197 g (manufacturer’s specification) – all figures without fuel
  • Pack size: 86 x 111 mm

The 585 ml cookset from Esbit in the test

We have always liked to take the small stove from Esbit with us because it is very compact and light. Apart from that, it is just the thing to provide hikers with hot coffee on leisurely day hikes, for example.

Fuel consumption & cooking time

At the time of the test, the outside temperature was around 18 °C , there was no wind, and we were at an altitude of 250 meters. The data measured here may vary depending on the outside temperature or altitude.

  • Cooking time: 16:00 min (500 ml)
  • Fuel consumption: 18 g

If you want to use your stove with Esbit, you should bring a lighter or a match and a little more patience than with a gas or spirit stove. As you can easily see from the data, you have to plan some time to bring even half a liter of water to boil. You could speed up the process by using more fuel. However, since you can’t simply “turn off” the fuel and reuse it, some of it would always burn off unnecessarily. The amount of fuel given above is just enough to bring the water in the small pot to a boil. At colder outside or water temperatures, you have to “add” more fuel.

The wind protection is very modest – even with low wind you must necessarily look for a windless place or use an additional windbreak. Only in this way can you avoid that the cooking time and fuel consumption increase immeasurably.


The Esbit cooking set is small and relatively light. Fuel handling is very simple but not very flexible (no burn control). The cooking times are relatively long. Those who do not want to do without hot drinks such as coffee or tea on long day trips or weekend tours will find a reliable companion – just take the stove and a few Esbit cubes – it could not be easier. Even if you want to pour hot water on bagged food, you are well served with the small Esbit. A windbreak (simply some aluminum foil) should be carried umbedingt. However, preparing a good portion of spaghetti with pasta sauce on the small Esbit is not very promising due to the lack of combustion regulation and only one small pot.


  • very small pack size
  • Volume indication at the pot
  • low weight
  • easy handling of the fuel


  • long cooking times
  • Lid cannot be used as a pan
  • Fuel with poor weight to calorific value ratio

Prices and sources of supply

Pictures of Esbit 585 ml cooking set

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