Topo Athletic Pursuit von der Seite

Topo Athletic Pursuit im Praxistest

My story with the Topo Pursuit is an upsetting one with many unexpected twists and turns. After the cushioning in the Xero shoes wasn’t good enough for me, the Terraventure…


Florida Trail in Florida, USA

Florida – is not exactly considered the favorite destination of hikers and hikers. One probably rather thinks of Disneyland, the Florida Keys, the Everglades, Cape Canaveral or just the beaches….

The Appalachian Trail

With an impressive length of almost 3,500 km, the Appalachian Trail stretches through 14 states of the USA, from the south in Georgia to the north in Maine. Since its…

Arizona Trail

The almost 1,300 kilometer long Arizona Trail in the southwest of the USA is relatively unknown in this country. In contrast to the Pacific Coast Trail short PCT or Appalachian…

The Baltic Costal Trail

The Baltic Costal Trail, also called the Baltic Coastal Trail, represents a section of the European long-distance hiking trail E9. This particular section takes its starting point at the border…
Our Biggest Adventures

In 2007, we started “Walking away” with the goal of sharing some of the experiences we had. GPS devices were new and fascinating at the time. We recorded hikes and featured gear. Perhaps with the hope of making some money and living a life of adventure. As it often happens in life, everything turned out differently and in 2013 the project went to sleep completely. But I could never part with the website, because there is just too much work and memory in it. Now, almost 10 years later, I have taken the trouble to make everything a bit more modern and functional again. Maybe there will be one or the other article again, but I don’t want to promise too much.