The Harz Monastery Hiking Trail stretches over a length of 116 kilometers and connects former monasteries and ecclesiastical educational institutions between Goslar and Halberstadt in the northern Harz Mountains. Along the way, you can enjoy picturesque views of the landscape, the surrounding mountains and the historic monasteries.

The 7 stages of the Harzer Klosterwanderweg

Harzer Klosterwanderweg – Alle Etappen
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The route is divided into seven stages, the lengths of which vary between 12 and 22 kilometers. The seventh and final stage from Quedlinburg to Halberstadt was only added in 2024 and is currently not yet signposted. All stages have no major inclines and are also easy for beginners to master. As the route is close to civilization, it is also easy to stop for refreshments along the way. At the end of the stage, you will often find overnight accommodation in the form of hotels. The stages are also well connected to local public transport. At the end of the first stage in Wernigerode, however, you should plan a few more meters to get to the train station in Vienenburg if you don’t want to stay overnight.

Beschilderung Harzer Klosterwanderweg
Signposting along the Harz Monastery Trail

The trail currently leads along these cultural highlights in the Harz Mountains:

  • Grauhof Monastery (Goslar)
  • Neuwerk Church (Goslar)
  • Wöltingerode Monastery
  • Marienrode Monastery
  • Ilsenburg Monastery
  • Evangelical Center Drübeck Monastery
  • Wendhusen Monastery
  • Hadmersleben Monastery
  • Hedersleben Domain
  • Huysburg Monastery
  • St. Cyriakus Abbey (Quedlinburg)
  • St. Mary’s Monastery (Quedlinburg)
  • Cathedral and Cathedral Treasure (Halberstadt)
  • Burchardi Monastery (Halberstadt)
  • St. Laurentius Church (Darlingerode)

Stamping points on the monastery hiking trail

There is a special booklet for the Harz Monastery Hiking Trail so that you can collect stamps along the way. There are currently 12 red stamp boxes, but 3 more stamp points will be added in April 2024. A new edition of the stamp booklet will probably be published in summer 2024.

Stempelkasten Harzer Klosterwanderweg
A stamping point on the monastery hiking trail

So far we have hiked two of the seven stages. I will gradually add these to the site and update this post as soon as time allows. The remaining stages will also be explored.

Further information on the Harz Monastery Trail can be found on the website of the Harz Tourism Association at:


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