Our last day started with a steep climb out of Elkering. Until we reached a road. Incidentally, the source of the Ruhr is not very far from here. So if you like, you can take a little detour. However, we didn’t do this as I had already cycled the Ruhr Valley cycle path in 2020 and also passed by here.

The trail took us past the Ruipes-Ropes hut, where you could easily spend the night. From here, you quickly reach the first village of Grönebach via the Duck Trail, from where you briefly follow a meadow path to Hildfeld. The first few kilometers flew by.

Winterberg Hochtour – Etappe 4 Biwakplatz
Ruipes-Ropes hut

From Hildfeld, we headed uphill into the Neuer Hagen nature reserve. When you walk through there, you really feel like you’re in the Lüneburg Heath. Unfortunately, I didn’t really appreciate this because of the heavy rain and preferred to spend the time in the dry Hochheidehütte with a warm coffee. From there, I headed towards Niedersfeld on very muddy paths.

Neuer Hagen
The heath

Of course, I took my chance once again to slip on the last day of our trip and looked like the thing from the swamp for the last few kilometers.

From Niedersfeld, there were only about 5 kilometers to go and the sun came out for the first time today. The last ascent of our Winterberg high tour adventure started behind a farm. I really enjoyed this section in the forest, but with the sunshine I would probably have liked any part of it.

Winterberg Hochtour – Etappe 4
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Pictures from the Winterberg Hochtour – stage 4

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