Our day started with heavy rain. Once we were out of Winterberg, we took refuge in a bus stop and put on our rain pants. However, it took us so long to do so that we were soon able to take them off again, as the rain had already stopped. Although the ascent to the Kahler Asten was not as strenuous as I had expected, we did work up a sweat. After a short time, we were already standing on the summit. From here on, the route went downhill along pleasant and easy paths. There were always wonderful views of the surrounding villages.

Auf dem Kahlen Asten
On the Kahler Asten

Barefoot path and shopping facilities in Langewiese

Shortly before Langewiese, a small village on the edge of the Rothaarsteig, we came across a barefoot path, which we skipped due to time constraints. Unfortunately, the water treading pool had not yet been refilled. There is also a small bakery with a corner store in Langewiese. Here you will definitely find everything you need for the next stage. The store is less than 100 meters from the actual trail.

Barfusspfad Langewiese

After Langewiese, the path led us out of the village, first briefly uphill past a refuge. We then descended again on a beautiful meadow path, from where we could already see the next, very steep ascent. Fortunately, this section was not so long and the going was a little more relaxed afterwards, apart from a few fallen trees. For the last few meters, the path ran parallel to a road until we reached the Mollseifen barbecue hut.

In the rain to the campsite in Neuastenberg

The hut was nice and big and also invites you to take a longer break. However, we decided to climb up from here to Neuastenberg and look for a campsite(Winterberg Wohnmobilpark) instead of walking the last few meters to Mollseifen. Just in time for the ascent, it started to pour again and didn’t stop any time soon.

Map of the hike

Winterberg Hochtour – Etappe 2
More Details

Pictures from the hike

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