Originally, we had planned a relaxed hike from Siedlinghausen to Winterberg, a short walk of less than 20 kilometers that would take us to the campsite where we wanted to spend the night. But unfortunately, the weather in the Sauerland wasn’t the only thing that didn’t really want to play along at the beginning of April.

The view of Silbach

From the hiking parking lot in Siedlinghausen, the path led us initially along fields and meadows, close to civilization. In Silbach, beside a playground, we found a sheltered seating area where we sought refuge from the rain. After a short break, we continued our journey. Following a brief ascent, there was another shelter a little way off the path.

The steep ascent that followed proved to be a challenge: rain and forestry work had left the path badly damaged, with mud and deep tracks from heavy machinery. But the effort was rewarded when we spotted a deer at the edge of the path at the top. The path continued straight ahead for a while until we came across a muddy descent, where we discovered an idyllic hut behind barriers and fallen trees. A short stop allowed us to enjoy nature in this unexpected setting.

A boardwalk led us further through the forest until we came across a closed section where fallen trees were blocking the path. Without further ado, we decided to take a parallel path, which soon reunited us with the Winterberghochtour. Still, it’s a shame; I hope that the path here will soon be repaired.

Der gesperrte Bohlenweg
The closed boardwalk

When we reached Winterberg, we turned off to get to the Winterberg campsite. But our hopes of finding a campsite were dashed: the site was full to capacity. So we had no choice but to look for a hotel room in Winterberg. It wasn’t difficult to find one, as the last week of the ski season had been quite rainy, and there was no shortage of hotels in Winterberg.

Route of stage 1 of the Winterberg Hochtour

Winterberg Hochtour – Etappe 1
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Pictures from this stage

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