In this post, I’ll show you what I pack in my rucksack and what I don’t. There may certainly be some changes before the start and after the hike I will give you a short summary of the items I brought with me. If you would like a more detailed explanation of my equipment or would even like to see a video on YouTube in which I show you everything, please leave a comment.

Don’t just take anything. Try out your equipment and learn how to use it. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you. A lightweight rucksack is great but not everything.

By the way, I created the packing list with the web tool Lighterpack. This is not only practical so that I can show you here what I’m taking with me, but also so that you have an overview of the weight you’re carrying on your back and what might be missing or useful. Of course, you can also use an Excel spreadsheet or Packfire, for example.

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