We are now back from our tour on the Camino Primitivo, and I wanted to discuss our equipment with you and show you where I made absolute nonsense and how you can save a few grams.

Unnecessary equipment on the Camino Primitivo

I know I said in the last post that I was taking the tarp and everything that goes with it because we like to sleep outside, but I also have to be honest and say that we didn’t sleep outside once. Especially in the first few days, I can’t remember seeing any good places for wild camping. It only got better just before the Hospitales route, and from then on it was fine for the rest of the days.

  • 154 g Footprint Tyvek – 2 people
  • 525 g Locus Gear tarp
  • 66 g MSR Ground Hog Mini pegs
  • 28 g MSR Ground Hog pegs (2 pieces of 14 g each)
  • 20 g MSR Small pegs
  • 80 g Nemo Fillow Elite pillow
  • 410 g Big Agnes Zoom UL Insulated sleeping pad
  • 4 g Durston bag for pegs
  • 50 g Electric pump Flextail Zero Battery
  • Total 1337 g
My backpack on the hike

Things with savings potential

I could certainly have saved a few grams on the sleeping bag, which I used three times in the hostels. Actually, all the hostels also had blankets; you could perhaps do without them altogether. But I wouldn’t want to.

  • 670 g Liteway SIMPLE QUILT APEX 170 sleeping bag

As we didn’t sleep outside, I only really needed the powerbank on the way to the Camino. A much smaller and lighter one would have sufficed here. 5000 – 10000 mAh, and even that is more likely to be needed for a clear conscience.

  • 367 g RAVPower 20000 PD power bank

I wouldn’t have needed my extra batteries either:

  • 32 g spare GoPro Enduro battery
  • 46 g spare battery Olympus E-M10

The route is so well developed and accessible that I don’t think you need it, but for me the device always comes with me. I also wear a helmet when I’m cycling. If the 100 g can save my ass and I’m paying for the subscription anyway, then I’ll take it with me.

  • 100 g SAT Messenger inReach Mini 2

Conclusion on my packing list

All in all, I was lugging around 1337 g completely unnecessarily, and another 1215 g could have been reduced. Then of course there’s the sleeping bag, which is far too heavy, and the sleeping mat in my girlfriend’s rucksack. I could have done without all of that. Apart from that, I was very happy with what I had with me and also with the things I had sewn myself beforehand.

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