One of the excursions on our last vacation on Fehmarn was the hike to Markelsdorfer Huk and past the northern lowlands. We hiked from the parking lot behind Westmarkelsdorf to Markelsdorfer Huk along the beach. Markelsdorfer Huk is a headland in the north of the island of Fehmarn that extends into the Baltic Sea. The term “Huk” is often used for headlands or headlands. Incidentally, access to the Huk is only permitted in the winter months. At other times of the year, you are not allowed closer, as in this hike.

The regulation that access to the Markelsdorfer Huk is only permitted in the winter months could be due to nature conservation measures or possible breeding seasons for birds in the area. Many coastal areas, including headlands and beaches, are habitats for various bird species that breed and stay here during certain times of the year.

The route is very simple. From the parking lot we go to the beach and turn right. We follow the beach until we come to a path with a birdwatching tower, which in turn leads to the right. We follow this until we reach the campsite. Once there, we can walk along the beach again. Behind the campsite, we turn right again to reach the paved path on the dyke. Follow this until you reach the Westmarkelsdorf lighthouse.

I wanted to take a few more steps here, which is why we decided to leave the cycle path and take a short loop through Westmarkelsdorf on the road. You can also take the direct route back to the parking lot and simply follow the cycle path. You won’t miss any of the highlights.

Be prepared for it to be very windy. The north-west of the island and the Markelsdorfer Huk in particular are often known for windy conditions. So it makes sense to have a good windbreaker with you.

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Von Westmarkelsdorf zum Markelsdorfer Huk Wandern
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Pictures from the hike to Markelsdorfer Huk

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