Fehmarn, the small German island in the Baltic Sea, is not necessarily known as a hiking paradise. In fact, it is more suitable for exploring the island by bike. The Baltic Sea Cycle Path, for example, runs across Fehmarn and offers cyclists a picturesque route along the coast. The island is probably only more popular with kitesurfers, who are attracted by the wind conditions on the coasts.

However, Fehmarn also invites you to take a relaxing stroll along the beach and go in search of amber or a chicken god. The coastline of Fehmarn is known for the fact that interesting finds are possible under favorable conditions.

What is a chicken god?

A chicken god is a stone formation shaped by water, often found in the form of a round hole in a stone. The term “chicken god” originates from northern Germany and refers to the belief that these stones bring good luck. In earlier times, they were regarded as talismans and were considered protection against misfortune. The unique shapes that the sea gives these stones make them sought-after souvenirs for visitors to the coastal regions.

One fascinating destination on Fehmarn is the Markelsdorfer Huk. Markelsdorfer Huk is a headland in the north of the island known for its extensive beaches and breathtaking views. This stretch of coastline offers ideal conditions for long walks and is particularly popular with nature lovers and birdwatchers.

Those interested in birdwatching can consider renting a bike and paying a visit to the Wallnau Waterfowl Reserve in the southwest of the island. The reserve is home to various habitats, including salt marshes, ponds and mudflats, which support a diverse flora and fauna.

Personally, I enjoyed our walk to Staberhuk lighthouse the most. The path leads over many rocks and requires some surefootedness. Somehow I liked the beach there best.

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