The trailhead is at the Hidden Valley Picnic Area (not Hidden Valley Campground), which is signposted directly from the park road (see also the official map of the National Park Service). The loop trail has no significant grades and is very easy to walk. It leads through a small valley framed by rocks with a variety of fauna and beautiful rock formations. If you have only little time you should not miss this short trail…

In the morning you can observe very well the hummingbirds

It is very recommendable to do the hike in the early morning, so you can avoid the numerous visitors, especially on weekends, and you can observe many birds (hummingbirds) and small animals.

Due to its protected location – rocks on all sides – the small valley has its own small microclimate and therefore a slightly different vegetation than the rest of the park.

As with all desert regions in the southwestern U.S., the months of April and May are especially recommended due to the sometimes numerous (depending on winter precipitation) blooming flowers and cacti.

Hidden Valley Trail – short hike in a valley surrounded by rocks.

  • * Length: about 1.6 km (round trip)
  • * Start: Hidden Valley Picnic Area
  • * Duration: about 1 hour
  • * Endurance: very low
  • * Difficulty: very low
  • * Danger potential: low
  • * Ascent/Descent: very low
  • * Special features: extreme temperatures in summer probably
Hidden Valley Trail
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Important note about hiking in Joshua Tree NP

Temperatures in Joshua Tree National Park can quickly rise above 40°C in summer. There is a typical desert climate. As a general rule, you should always carry enough water, even on short hikes. Sun protection in the form of a hat and sunscreen is then essential. There is no water on any of the trails and there is practically no shade on the way to protect yourself from the sun.

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