We start our walk not at the paid parking lot right at Cape Kolka, but one kilometer away in the village of Kolka. However, it should be mentioned that on the paid parking lot, you can shower for 3 €.

In the village, there is a free parking lot with a toilet and the option to charge your electric car. From there, it’s about 1 km along the beach, provided that fallen trees do not block the way, until we finally reach Cape Kolka. This is a peninsula where the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga meet. Historically, Cape Kolka served as an important navigation point for ships heading to or from the Gulf of Riga.

Interestingly, the area around Cape Kolka was a military restricted zone during the 20th century under the Soviet occupation of Latvia and was not accessible to the public. It was only after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the regaining of Latvian independence in the 1990s that the area was reopened to the public. The way back leads through a forest that invites mushroom picking.

Spaziergang von Kolka zum Kap Kolka
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