The Baltic Costal Trail, also called the Baltic Coastal Trail, represents a section of the European long-distance hiking trail E9. This particular section takes its starting point at the border between Lithuania and Russia in the village of Nida and stretches along the Baltic coast through Latvia until it ends in the port of the Estonian capital Tallinn.

During its route, the Baltic Coastal Trail crosses several national parks. In Lithuania, hikers encounter the Kuršių Nerija National Park, unique for its expansive dune landscapes. In Latvia, the trail passes through Slītere National Park, known for its diverse combination of coastal, forest, and marshland landscapes. Finally, in Estonia, the trail crosses Lahemaa National Park, known for both its picturesque coastal landscapes and historic fishing villages.

The trail presents a variety of landscapes: from sandy dune landscapes to rocky shorelines, through dense pine forests and past quiet lagoons and wetlands. These natural formations provide habitat for numerous species of wildlife, especially birds. Along the trail, you’ll also come across evidence of the Baltic’s rich culture and history. Historic lighthouses and castles that were guardians of the coast can also be visited, and numerous viewpoints offer panoramic views of the Baltic Sea.

Route sections

  • Lithuania – 216 km, 10-12 days
  • Latvia – 581 km, 30 days
  • Estonia – 622 km, 30 days


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