Hike around Ventspils, this 14 km hike leads from the Piejuras Kempings campsite onto the Baltic Coastal Trail. However, this is not a solitary hiking trail, but a beach walk with an extensive detour through picturesque Ventspils on the coast of Latvia.

Bernsteinfunde am Strand

interesting facts

  • Middle Ages: Ventspils was founded in the 13th century and quickly became an important trading port due to its strategic location on the Venta River.
  • Livonian Order: In the Middle Ages, Ventspils was under the control of the Livonian Order, a knightly military organization.
  • Sweden and Poland: Over the centuries, control of Ventspils alternated between various powers, including Sweden and Poland.
  • Russian Empire: From the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century, Ventspils belonged to the Russian Empire.
  • Independence and Soviet times: Latvia gained its independence after the First World War. During the Second World War, however, Ventspils was occupied by the Soviet Union and then by Nazi Germany before becoming part of the Soviet Union again after the war.
  • More recent times: After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Latvia became independent and Ventspils continued to develop as an important port and tourist center in the region.

The route of the walk through Ventspils

The route leads directly past Ventspils Castle, for example. This castle was built in the 13th century by the Livonian Order and served as a strategic bulwark on the banks of the Venta River. Originally made of wood, it was replaced by robust stone walls in the 14th century. Over the centuries, it has been extended and renovated several times and today stands as an impressive testimony to medieval architecture. If you would like to make a small cultural detour during your hike, you can visit the castle as a museum.

Unfortunately, there was construction work on the Ventspils coastline on our detour, which is why we had to deviate a little from the Baltic Coastal Trail. For the last few meters to the campsite, you could perhaps look for a prettier route through the old town.

Wanderung auf einem Teil des Baltic Costal Trail und durch Ventspils
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Pictures from the hike

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