No, I’m not writing an article about the 1966 GDR film classic “Spur der Steine”, but about an equally historic circular hiking trail from Wolfshagen in the Harz Mountains. It circles a former diabase quarry. Diabase was mined there from 1885 to 1986, and today it is a large biotope that is not allowed to be entered in order to protect the flora and fauna. This is not a bad thing, as you can enjoy the fascinating sight of this “rock island” rising above the landscape below from several points along the trail.

If you are interested in the history and development of the Diabass Quarry, you should definitely take a look at the official homepage. You will find much more and better information there:

For all collectors of the Harz hiking pin on the route, stamp 109 can be found.

The hike starts at the sports center in Wolfshagen. There is also a small parking lot where you can leave your car. From there, it is easy to follow the very well signposted trail. It goes in a circle and also ends back at the sports home. In our GPS track, we made a small detour to two viewpoints, which I don’t think are directly on the edge of the path. However, you really shouldn’t miss the view over Wolfshagen.

Map and GPS data of the Spur der Steine

Spur der Steine
More Details

Pictures from the hike on the Spur der Steine

The Trail of Stones and many other hiking trails around Wolfshagen are maintained by the Harzklub Wolfshagen. This only works with voluntary helpers and financial means. If you would like to give something back, please visit the homepage of the Harzklub Wolfshagen:

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