A wonderful hike from Lautenthal offers a variety of natural beauty and historical sights. The starting point is the large parking lot in Lautenthal, from where we can climb steeply up to the Maaßner Gaipel. Alternatively, it is also possible to park right next to the Maaßner Gaipel and the first stamp point (no. 107).

Maaßner Gaipel
The Maaßner Gaipel

Harzerwandernadel stamp points 107 & 113 are right on the edge of the path

From there, the trail continues at a more moderate pace. At Grumbacher Teich, or more precisely Unterer Grumbacher Teich, the next stamp point (no. 113) awaits us. The idyllic hut and benches invite you to take a break and enjoy the surroundings. Incidentally, there are a total of four bodies of water between Wildemann and Hahnenklee, which bear the name Grumbacher Teich. All of them are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper Harz Water Regal.

Der untere Gumbacher Teich
The lower Gumbach pond

The route continues along the Lautenthaler Kunstgraben

Later, the hike rewards us with a magnificent view over Wildemann, and we follow the Lautenthaler Kunstgraben back to the Maaßner Gaipel. At this point, we descend back to the car without having covered the entire course of the Lautenthaler Kunstgraben. This alone stretches for almost 8.4 kilometers and was used from 1570 to 1967 to supply water to the mines and smelters in Lautenthal and Hüttschenthal, starting at the 13-Lachter-Stollen in Wildemann. After 1967, the artificial ditch was no longer maintained and in some places it no longer carries water and is partially overgrown.

The history of Lautenthal dates back to the 13th century, when the town was founded as a mining town. Over the years, mining was carried out here, particularly for ores such as silver, lead and copper. It is therefore not surprising that the mining museum is worth a visit to learn more about the rich mining history of this region.

Von Lautenthal zum Gumbacher Teich
More Details

The hikes around Lautenthal are maintained by the Harzklub Lautenthal . This only works with voluntary helpers and financial means. If you would like to give something back, please visit the homepage of the Harzklub Lautenthal: https://www.harzklub-lautenthal.de

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