We started this year by hiking the Heidschnuckenweg from south to north in short weekend tours. The 13th stage, or rather our first, took us from Celle to Dehningshof and practically marked the start of the trail.

Hiking on the Heidschnucken Trail

From Celle train station, we first made our way to the castle, which not only marks the end of the Heidschnucken Trail, but also our starting point. We searched for a while for a sign indicating the start or end of the trail, but unfortunately without success. Nevertheless, the trail markings were clearly visible, so it was not difficult to leave Celle behind us. The first few kilometers literally flew past us, while we were fascinated by how cleverly the path led us through a green strip in an urban area. At one point, we even asked ourselves: “Is that a tower block behind the tree?”

Later, our route took us along long sandy forest paths past the Celle-Scheuen military training area, accompanied by a continuous sound reminiscent of New Year’s Eve. We spent our first night on the sandy ground of a hut just before Dehningshof. It was there that we saw a small piece of heath for the first time. There is also accommodation in Dehningshof itself.

I had hoped for more heathland and less military training area on this stage. Nevertheless, I have to admit that Celle was more beautiful than I had imagined.

Heidschnuckenweg – Etappe 13 – Celle nach Dehningshof
More Details

The destination of the Heidschnuckenweg the castle in Celle

The castle in Celle, also known as the Celle Palace, is an important historical building in the town of Celle in Lower Saxony, Germany. It was built in the Renaissance style and is an outstanding example of the architecture of this period in northern Germany. The castle is closely linked to the history of the House of Guelph, a German noble family that played a significant role in the history of Europe. It served as the Guelphs’ residence and was also an important administrative seat.

Celle Palace is characterized by its imposing façade, its ornate decorations and its magnificent interior. Today it is home to the Residence Museum, which houses an extensive collection of works of art, furniture and historical artifacts from various eras. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the magnificent rooms of the palace and learn more about the history of the Guelphs and the region.

Photos from the hike

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