We continue on the Heidschnuckenweg, stage 12, or well, something like that, because we couldn’t hike the entire stage due to time constraints. We therefore decided to get off at Misselhorner Heide. There is a bus stop within walking distance, where a bus runs irregularly to Unterlüß. There is a train station in Unterlüß, where we parked our car. We will provide further details as soon as we make it to the Lüneburg Heath next time.

Hiking from Dehningshof to Misselhorner Heide

After packing up our things in the morning, we headed to the Angelbecksteich pond. There is a parking lot, a porta-potty, a small shelter and a garbage can here. There is also a heather loop at the Angelbecksteich. I felt that the hike became more and more beautiful as the boring sandy forest highway was increasingly replaced by heathland. By the time we reached the Misselhorn Heath, it seemed as if we had actually arrived on the Heidschnuckenweg. At the right time of year, the landscape here must look stunning, but even in October I really like the heathland.

Unfortunately, our route only took us as far as the parking lot at Misselhorner Heide, from where we reached the next bus stop.

Heidschnuckenweg – Etappe 12 1/2
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Pictures of the Heidschnuckenweg stage 12

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