Hike through two forested canyons in Chiricahua NM, which is crowned by the “Heart of Rocks” a short additional loop (about 1.5 km). This short supplemental loop is definitely not to be missed, even though it is steep and narrow in places (or perhaps because of it).

The most spectacular hike in Chiricahua NM

From the visitor center and campground of the park a shuttle bus leaves in the morning to the starting point of the hike at Massai Point. You should register for the transfer at the Visitor Center at least the day before. The transfer is free of charge and can be booked up early depending on the number of visitors.

To bridge a day, you can visit the historic “Faraway Ranch”, which is within walking distance from the Visitor Center and the campground. The ranch can be visited (ask for dates at the Visitor Center).

Variants to the Heart of Rocks Trail

  • Combination with the “Echo Canyon Loop Trail”, thus altogether approx. 14 km.
  • Complement with the side trip to Inspiration Point (plus approx. 1.6 km) with beautiful views over Rhyolite Canyon.
  • The Big Loop Trail 16.5 km – without shuttle thereby clearly more uphill (start and end of the tour at Massai Point). Longest and most strenuous hike in Chiricahua NM.
Heart of Rocks
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