This short and easy-to-walk circular trail leads to an area that was inhabited before the park was established. It is clearly marked by blue markers (color markings on trees). A guidebook is available for a small fee at the trailhead and at the visitor center, which is located just a few meters from the trailhead.

Fox Hollow Trail
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The trail first leads us along the Dickey Ridge Trail for about half a kilometer before turning right onto the Fox Hollow Trail (blue markings) into a valley. Along this section of the trail you will find a series of “rock piles”, sometimes very accurately stacked heaps of stones. These testify to the fact that the forests were cleared of stones/rocks for the purpose of cultivation for agriculture and also for the construction of paths and irrigation ditches. The trail continues slowly downhill. With a bit of luck, you will find a mill wheel a little later on the right-hand side. This is followed a short time later by the Fox Family Cemetery on the left, the family cemetery of the Fox family, who settled here in 1856. The path continues through land that was once cultivated but has largely been reclaimed by the forest. Shortly after the cemetery, an old road leads steadily uphill back towards the visitor center.

A nice little hike – recommended as an introduction to hiking in the Shenandoah National Park. The trail is well signposted and no additional map is required. As the visitor center is located at the trailhead, the trail is a little more frequented at weekends. But otherwise you are usually alone on the trail.

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