During the night, it turned out that my sleeping mat had a hole in it. I had to roll off the sleeping pad several times during the night and re-inflate it. That’s why, after this restless night, I was back on the Arizona Trail with my headlamp at 5am.

I think I will always do this in future. The first few kilometers were incredibly easy for me. As a result, I had already completed the first 24 kilometers by 1 p.m. and by 4 p.m. I had already set up the tent and completed a total of 32 kilometers. Today was worse – in terms of the altitude – than yesterday.

And so I’m already lying on my sleeping mat. I time how long it takes to deflate so that I can get an approximate overview. How much sleep will I get tonight? Because I can’t mend it. Firstly, I can’t find the hole and secondly, the repair kit is in my luggage, which has gone missing.

The suitcase is back…

But you won’t believe it. I phoned the airline and my suitcase has turned up. And they’re going to take it to Patagonia. I’ve booked a hotel room there for one night.
Wasn’t that my first choice because it’s not that cheap? Yes – but considering the fact that I can send all the parcels from there, I’m sure it will be great. There will also be a bathtub in which I will hopefully find the leak in my sleeping mat. The air bubbles that form will reveal where the hole is. Thanks to the repair kit in my suitcase, I can then fix the mat. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably have to make do with little sleep for the next few days. It looks like I’ll get one and a half to two hours sleep at a time, then my hips will touch the ground and I’ll be awake.

In the worst case scenario, I’ll have to carry on like this until Colossal Cave. That would be the stop where my next mail drop package arrives and from there it’s not that far to Tucson, where the only Rei in the area is located. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy a new mat.

At some point today, nature has become relatively green. When I say that, however, it should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s green for Arizona, but this green is nothing like the green back home. The branches that are usually all over the place had leaves for the first time today and even some of the spiky things have started to have leaves. Which I think was the first time. Apart from that, you can always find scattered puzzle pieces of cows and today I even saw a whole flock of turkeys.

A short day with the prospect of a bathtub?

Tomorrow I will hike the last 5 km to the road and hopefully be able to hitch a ride to the hotel from there. Otherwise it’s probably another 7 km from there. So tomorrow could be a very relaxed short day.

I met a few new hikers on the Arizona Trail on the way today – we should be up to 10 by now.

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