I just have a little random find, namely the article from Focus: Too much excrement on Mount Everest: “Our mountains have started to stink”

In the meantime, not only the corpses but also the feces are piling up along the path to the highest mountain in the world. A linked article on X even shows a video of this appalling situation. Personally, I find this development extremely disturbing and wonder what kind of people climb the mountain and leave it behind in this way. It is estimated that 50 tons of waste and over three tons of human excrement accumulate there. Under these circumstances, there are certainly nicer places to spend your vacation.

Given the fact that the mountain has already become a tourist attraction, I believe that tour operators should be responsible for the proper disposal of all waste produced. In the US, it has already become the rule in some national parks that visitors must take their feces back to civilization. This applies, for example, to the Mt Whitney Trail on overnight trips and to slot canyons in Zion National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park. There you will be fined if you are caught without the appropriate bags.

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