Kemeri National Park is located in the west of Latvia and covers a wide area. It was established as a protected area at the beginning of the 20th century because of its special moorland and today it is one of the most important nature reserves in Latvia. In the late 1990s it was elevated to the status of a national park.

The characteristic feature of Kemeri is its extensive moorland landscape, which is interspersed with lakes and dense forests. Extensive bog areas dominate here, flanked by old pine trees. A special feature of the park is the “Kemeri High Bog Trail”, a wooden walkway that leads visitors through the bog and offers insights into the local flora and fauna.

The national park is a center for nature enthusiasts. It provides habitat for a variety of rare and endangered species, especially birds. During the migratory seasons, many ornithologists visit the park to observe special bird species.

Kemeri has various facilities for visitors, including hiking trails, cycling paths, information centers and viewing platforms. While the preservation and protection of this landscape is the main focus, the national park is equally concerned with communicating to people the importance and special nature of this region.

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