On this tour, I accompany you on a hike from Bad Harzburg to collect 7 stamps. I have already collected some of them on other hikes, e.g. on the first tour that I published on Walking Away in 2007. To be honest, this tour is very similar to the hike “Between East and West of the Eckertal“, which I did in 2009, but the stamp points have been moved slightly since then and the starting point is also different.

Stempeltour 2024 – Bad Harzburg
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Stamps on this tour:

  • 122 – Cross of the German East
  • 170 – Raven cliff
  • 4 – Taubenklippe
  • 3 – At the crucifix
  • 1 – Eckertalsperre dam
  • 169 – Whey house
  • 121 – Burgberg

The trail leads us out of Bad Harzburg past the Sachsenbrunnen, where there was still a stamping station in 2009. We continue to the Cross of the German East, a monument erected in 1950 to commemorate the expulsion of millions of Germans and a symbol of solidarity with the homeland and hope.

From there, the trail continues to the Rabenklippen (stamp no. 170), a granite rock formation of which, to be honest, you don’t see much, but mainly a restaurant. The path initially leads downhill for quite a while, only to wind its way back up the whole way to the Taubenklippe (stamp no. 4) a short time later on a narrow path. Here you can finally enjoy the view that you probably only have from the restaurant at the Rabenklippen.

After the strenuous climb, the path to stamp point 3 (Am Kruzifix) is fortunately easy to manage, as is the descent to the historic Eckertalsperre dam (stamp point no. 1). The dam wall was blown up during the Second World War and later directly marked the border during the division of Germany. Many escape attempts took place here. Nowadays, fortunately, it is only used to supply drinking water.

Now we continue to the whey house, where stamp no. 169 awaits us and a restaurant invites us to stop for a bite to eat. However, there is also an opportunity to stop at the Burgberg at stamp 121, where you could have taken the cable car to get out almost directly next to the stamp.

On this tour I take you from Bad Harzburg to collect 7 stamps, some of which I have already collected on another hike, such as the first hike ever posted on Walking Away in 2007 and to be honest, the tour is almost identical to the one I did in 2009(hike between the east and west of the Eckertal), but the stamp points have moved a little since then and the starting point is also slightly different.

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