This time I have a new hike for you that I haven’t published on this site before. So it’s completely different to last week’s post. It is an approx. 15 km long tour with 3 Harzer Wandernadel stamp points around Walkenried.

The stamps around Walkenried

  • No. 192: Historic plaster kiln
  • No. 166: Sachsenstein hut
  • No. 167: Witches’ dance floor in Walkenried
#HWN2024 – 3 Stempel rund um Walkenried
More Details

Description of the hike

We started at the official parking lot of the monastery in Walkenried, where you can park for free. First we headed in the direction of stamp no. 192 Historic gypsum kiln. From there we hiked on to the beautifully situated Sachsensteinhütte (stamp no. 166).

At this point, I must confess that I made a small orientation error. I didn’t look at the map for a moment and therefore accidentally walked back part of the way we had already come. Normally, I always try to avoid the same route as much as possible, but unfortunately it didn’t work out this time.

After a short detour back to Walkenried, we made our way along the Grenzweg to the last stamping point of the day, the Hexentanzplatz in Walkenried (stamp no. 167). To be honest, until then I didn’t even know that there was a witches’ dance site here. I only knew it from Thale.

From the Hexentanzplatz, we headed back to the car. If you still have some time, you can enjoy a cold beer at the monastery.

Pictures from the tour around Walkenried

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