A strenuous but scenically very varied hike that leads us down a gentle mountain ridge into a narrow valley. In this valley we walk upstream to a steep passage, which we climb to see two waterfalls and enjoy a wonderful view. We start our tour directly at the Mathews Arm Campground where we have pitched our tents. Although the campground has toilets and running water, showers are not yet available in the sanitary facilities. We leave the campground to the north via Mathews Arm Road, a slightly wider path that is not open to vehicles.

Falls of Overall / Tuscarora Trail
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We follow this path until we come to the Beecher Ridge Trail, onto which we turn left.
The trail runs steadily and mostly quickly downhill through mostly dense forest. Only after 6 km do we reach the valley. Here we turn right onto the Overall Run Trail for a short time and then right again onto the Tuscarora Overall Run Trail. Here runs the Overall Run, a river that winds its way through the narrow valley and has carved a series of natural pools into the rocks, which are great for refreshing yourself in summer. However, the water temperatures are not to everyone’s taste, even in midsummer 😉

There are also places here where you can pitch a tent to spend the night in the backcountry. All you need is a permit, which you can get free of charge at the ranger station.

We hike steadily uphill along the river through the valley. However, the mountains ahead of us are getting closer and closer without us having gained any noticeable height. It comes as “feared”. The path leaves the course of the river and winds its way up the mountain in steep and narrow bends. A bit of fitness is required, especially at high temperatures. After all, from the valley to the mountain saddle, which we have to conquer, there are a total of around 650 meters of elevation gain over a very short distance. In between, however, we are rewarded with a wonderful vantage point from which we can look out over the valley and the forests far into the countryside.

From here you can also spot the first of the two waterfalls (the Overall Run Falls). During dry periods, however, it is only a mere reflection of the splendor it can display in wetter weather conditions.

A few meters further on is another viewpoint of the second falls (Twin Falls), which are also only in full splendour after wet weather or after the snow has melted. So don’t expect too much from the falls in summer. However, the surrounding landscape can still be impressive.

For the way back to the campsite, we stay on the Tuscarora Overall Run Trail, which takes us back to the parking lot at the campsite.

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