Banff National Park, founded in 1885, was the first national park in Canada and is the largest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with an area of 6641 km². In 1984, all national parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains were declared World Heritage Sites. Several million people visit it every year.

The wildlife in Banff National Park

The bison are back in Banff. They were wiped out by hunting in the region back then. In 2017, the National Park Authority made efforts to reintroduce them to Banff. Since summer 2018, you can encounter them again. You might also come across other large mammals such as grizzly and black bears, wapitis, moose, bighorn sheep or wolves.

I can recommend a nice documentary, in English, about wildlife on YouTube

Camping in Banff National Park

You should always get the latest information directly from the national park administration. Either via the website or directly from the rangers on site. If you are planning a multi-day tour, you should consult with them. You need a backcountry permit for an overnight stay. With this you also decide which region of the park you want to camp in.

Hikes in Banff National Park

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