From the starting point at the festival hall in Wolfshagen, the trail first leads uphill for a short distance. Once at the top, there is a beautiful view of the village. The trail then runs above Wolfshagen and continues along the steep meadow. The first stamping point (HWN 142) is located at the Mandolinenhütte, which offers a beautiful view of the Innerstetal dam.

An der Mandolinen Hütte
At the Mandolinen hut

The following section leads steeply downhill, which is also great fun on a bike. Please be considerate of hikers! The path initially remains small and muddy until it meets the path at the Innerstetal dam. Turn left here and cross the road at the next opportunity. From here, continue straight on until you reach a large wing information board.

Am Stiefel
From here it is uphill for quite a while

Now turn left again and tackle the longest ascent of the hike. At the top, you will find the Schnapsplatz. From here, continue to the beautiful Tränkebach refuge, next to which there is not only a stamp (HWN 104), but also a spring in the immediate vicinity. At the spring, a small and somewhat steeper path leads down the mountain.

Shortly before Seesen, the trail crosses a bridge and runs alongside a small river. The only pity is that the road right next to it is very busy and noisy. Once in Seesen, a beautifully designed park awaits the hiker. Here, in Steinway Park, the journey through the history of the Steinway piano-making dynasty comes to an end.

Route of the hike

Der Steinway Trail im Harz – Von Wolfshagen nach Seesen
More Details

Stamping points on the Steinway Trail

The Steinway Trail not only offers hikers the opportunity to discover two stamp points of the Harz Hiking Needle (HWN 104 and 142), but also a special stamp booklet with a total of six additional stamps.

Important to note:

  • Of the six additional stamps, two are in existing Harzer Wandernadel boxes.
  • The remaining four stamps are exclusive to the Steinway stamp booklet.

For all hard-working hikers:

  • The Steinway stamp booklet can be purchased for €3.
  • After successfully completing all the stamp points in the booklet, you can purchase the “achievement badge” for €4.

You can find more information about the special stamp booklet here:

Pictures from the hike on the Steinway Trail

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