The Mesa Arch Trail is one of the most popular and accessible hikes in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. This easy, approximately 800-meter round-trip hike takes visitors to one of the park’s most famous landmarks – the Mesa Arch.

The trail begins in the Mesa Arch parking lot and passes through a high desert landscape with a variety of wildflowers and desert plants. Although the trail is relatively short, time should be taken to admire the surrounding scenery. There are informative panels along the way explaining the flora and fauna of the area, making this a particularly interesting hike for nature and learning enthusiasts.

The highlight of the hike is, of course, the Mesa Arch itself, a beautifully formed natural stone arch that towers over a steep hillside. The arch offers breathtaking panoramic views of deep canyons, rugged rock formations and the Colorado River below.

A special feature of the Mesa Arch is the spectacular light show that occurs at sunrise. The rising sun illuminates the underside of the arch, causing it to glow in brilliant orange-red hues. This phenomenon attracts photographers from around the world, making the Mesa Arch one of the most photographed landmarks in the entire southwestern United States.

Although the Mesa Arch Trail is relatively short and easy, safety should always be considered. It is advisable to carry plenty of water and protect yourself from the intense sun, which can quickly become overwhelming in the desert environment. Likewise, extreme caution should be exercised when stepping onto the arch, as the edge of the cliff is very close and a fall could be fatal.

Mesa Arch Trail
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