At the beginning of September, we took advantage of a slightly cloudy day to hike up the Brocken via the Eckerloch. I’m actually not a fan of the Brocken at all, even if that’s an unpopular opinion. It’s always very crowded, drinks and food are on a par with an Alpine hut, although they can be supplied by car, and even the toilets cost money. Sure, I realize that the history of the Brocken is incredibly moving, and if you come from the flatlands, you’ll have a hard time getting up there. But in my opinion, there are more beautiful places in the Harz. However, even a mussel like me can’t deny that the path via the Eckerlochstieg is a particularly beautiful route.

Eckerlochstieg auf den Brocken

Route – Eckerlochstieg to Brocken

We start directly in Schierke in a small and paid parking lot. If you arrive here in good weather during the main season, you will probably have to look for a better parking lot. The first few meters of the path on the Brockenstraße are paved and easy to walk. Then we turn off to the right. From here on, the path becomes more challenging. It is rooty, stony and has a gradient that can make you break out in a sweat. If you find this too strenuous, you can turn off onto the easier but longer Brocken road at several points. The last few meters to the Brocken have to be covered via the Brockenstraße anyway. On the way back, we briefly retrace the same route. We pass the turn-off to the Eckerlochstieg and follow the Brockenstraße to the Benno-Schmidt-Weg, which turns off to the right. However, if you still need stamp no. 22 for the Harzer Wandernadel, you should follow the Brockenstraße here to get to the yellow Bring. The two paths join up again later.

Auf dem Eckerlochstieg zum Brocken wandern
More Details

Stamping point no. 9, 11 and more

If you collect stamps for the Harzer Wandernadel, you will find stamp points 9 (Brockenhaus) and no. 11 (Eckerloch) right on the edge of the trail. If you want to add an additional stamp, you can also take No. 22 (Gelber Brink) without much of a detour. However, we decided against it at the time.

Photos of the Eckerlochstieg

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