A few days ago, we set off in glorious sunshine on a breathtaking hike from Blankenburg to the Hamburger Wappen. Luckily we had ideal hiking weather, as the ridge path would certainly have been much more challenging in the rain. The ridge path reminds me a little of a very easy climbing route due to its climbing passages. It is probably unique in the Harz Mountains. It stands out and offers a special hiking experience.

The Hamburg coat of arms & the Devil’s Wall

Both the hiking route and the Hamburg coat of arms are part of the legendary Devil’s Wall in the Harz Mountains. The Devil’s Wall, a 20-kilometer-long rock formation made of sandstone that runs through the Harz Mountains, rises majestically. The Hamburger Wappen, a striking section of this wall, offered us breathtaking views on our hike. The characteristic shape of the Hamburg coat of arms is the result of thousands of years of weathering of the sandstone. Its three distinctive battlements are reminiscent of the coat of arms of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, which is where it got its name.

Umgebung Hamburger Wappen
The Hamburg coat of arms

The Teufelsmauerstieg, a challenging hiking trail about 25 km long, leads along the entire rock formation. I have made this my goal for this year. Incidentally, the Harz monastery hiking trail also passes here.

Route of the hike – Harzerwandernadel stamp points 74 & 76

Von Blankenburg aus zum Hamburger Wappen wandern
More Details

We set off from the parking lot, guided by the signpost to the Devil’s Wall. Via a flight of steps and a short, root-covered climb, we headed towards the grandmother’s rock. To our right were the well-tended gardens of local residents, giving us the feeling that we were strolling through a private park. This impression stayed with us for quite a while. Stamping point no. 76 of the Harz Hiking Needle is located at the Großvaterfelsen. However, it is on the lower path and not directly on the rock.

From there, we opted for the easier route, which would take us to the Hamburger Wappen (stamp point 74). We deliberately saved the spectacular ridge path for the way back so that we could enjoy the peace and solitude of nature. On sunny days, it can get quite crowded there due to the breathtaking views.

Everyone else who wants to be enchanted by the beauty of the Teufelsmauer and the breathtaking views from the Grandmother and Hamburg coat of arms is cordially invited to experience this unique hike. Take a look at the pictures or download the route and see this unforgettable experience for yourself!

Pictures of the hike to the Hamburg coat of arms

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