Hiking through Devils Garden in Arches National Park in Utah. In my opinion one of the most beautiful and spectacular trails ever. Especially the second, less frequented part (Primitive Trail) is a highlight.


  1. Trailhead to Dark Angel and the same way back approx. 8 km
  2. Trailhead to Dark Angel and return via Primitive Loop approx. 9.5 km
  • additional side trail to Pine Tree and Tunnel Arches approx. 0.8 km
  • additional side trail to Navajo and Partition Arch approx. 1.3 km
  • additional side trail to the Private Arch about 0.6 km

Complete trail incl. all side trails = approx. 12.5 km

Duration: 3-4 hours (sometimes longer because of the many photo stops ­čśë
Start: Devils Garden Trailhead at the end of the park road (GPS:38┬░46’58.45″N 109┬░35’42.83″W)

Devils Garden includes the area with the most rock arches. The Landscape Arch is the most famous and also the longest of these arches with a span of 93 m (!). It is located only about 1 km from the trailhead (good photos can be taken here in the early morning). The trail is usually very busy up to this point, as it is also easy to walk.

From this point on the trail becomes a bit more challenging and much “quieter”. About 500 m after Landscape Arch there is a worthwhile detour to Partition Arch and Navajo Arch.

Back on the main trail the difficulty increases a bit. Up to the Double O Arch the trail leads partly over a narrow rocky ridge and offers a number of spectacular viewpoints.

From Double O Arch it goes a bit further to Dark Angel – a rock needle rising from the desert floor (no must). Back at Double O Arch you have the choice of returning to the trailhead or taking the Primitive Trail in a wide arc back to the main trail.

The Primitive Trail has some somewhat difficult spots that can be problematic in the rain or after heavier rains. The trail is not always easy to see. Compared to the other trails in the park, it is hardly frequented. Maybe that’s why I consider it one of the most beautiful areas in Arches NP. The detour to Private Arch is relatively short and should not be missed.

Ideal is the start shortly after sunrise – then you are still alone in the more frequented areas and can enjoy this spectacular rock landscape in peace. Since it can get VERY hot on the trail from midday onwards, especially in summer – this is another reason to start early! There is no water and very little shade on the trail.

Map of the Devils Garden Trail

Devils Garden Trail im Arches National Park
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Pictures of the Devils Garden Trail in Arches National Park

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