Sunset at Delicate Arch, a highlight that you usually have to share with dozens of other tourists. The Delicate Arch is probably the most beautiful and most photographed stone arch in Arches National Park. The trail there is about 5 km long (there and back on the same route) and relatively easy to walk.

Start: Wolf Ranch Parkin Area about 2 mi east of the main road
Duration: about 2-3 hrs. (The duration depends very much on the time spent at Delicate Arch)

The trail to Delicate Arch is certainly one of the highlights of Arches NP. The view, which is offered to the hiker at the end of the trail is simply fantastic. You come around a rocky outcrop on the trail and suddenly the view of Delicate Arch, standing in a rock funnel, becomes clear. To top off the scenario, the La Sal Mountains rise in the background.

If you stay at Delicate Arch until sunset you should think of a working flashlight for the way back! Drinking water is not available along the trail.

Photo tip

The best pictures can be taken about 1 hour before sunset.
The Delicate Arch is (depending on the season) already partly or completely in the shade at sunset.


Delicate Arch Trail
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