In Central Florida, there are numerous hiking trails that lead through the stunning areas of Citrus, Richloam, and Croom in the Withlacoochee State Forest. This forest covers an impressive 57,000 hectares waiting to be explored. The hiking trails provide a delightful challenge for both beginners and experienced hikers, whether for day trips or multi-day excursions.

The Richloam Tract, located approximately 16 kilometers north of Dade City, offers various circular routes ranging from 8 to 16 kilometers in length for you to enjoy amidst nature. The Croom Tract, east of Brooksville, captivates hikers with its three circular routes, particularly well-suited for day trips. In the Citrus Tract, situated southwest of Inverness, you’ll find a wide range of hiking trails extending for an impressive 64 kilometers.

In addition to the hiking trails, the Withlacoochee State Forest also boasts a variety of fascinating wildlife and plant species, as well as historical sites to discover. This forested area is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventurers looking to experience the beauty of Florida’s wilderness.

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